About Us

RovDrone specializes in conducting aerial inspections using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) as well as monitoring and execution of underwater operations using Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV).

Thanks to our qualified staff we provide services in the air (wind turbine and power lines inspections), onshore (technological complexes), offshore (eligibility to stay on oil platforms – BOSIET, Offshore medical), or underwater (anchor poles,  constructions’ props, etc.)

Our team specializes in the field of:

  • aviation (pilots and instructors),
  • UAV/ROV pilotage and navigation (professional pilots of the underwater robots and unmanned ships),
  • building, energy and petroleum engineering,

As a part of MAX BERGER AVIATION  group, RovDrone (www.callandfly.pl) has, at its disposal, a fleet of:

  • planes that can be used to transport our team to carry out the inspection within a few          hours to a given place in Europe (at the client’s request).
  • helicopters used to transport our team to hard-to-get places or in case our client wishes the inspection to be physically supervised.

RovDrone – Why should we engage a drone or an underwater robot to make inspections?

We make objects’ inspections in hard-to-get locations, inaccessible to men. With our drones we can eliminate the necessity of actual human presence while inspecting dangerous places which reduces the risk of injuries and significantly lowers the operating costs as eg. turning of the device to carry out the inspection.

The way some of the devices work cannot be properly evaluated when turned off hence the evaluation of their actual work allows for detection of defects before they occur and usually avoid all the costs connected with the repair process. The image from the ongoing inspection is transmitted live from the UAV/ROV to the operator in the ground station. Working with your staff, they are able to evaluate malfunctions and irregularities of the individual industrial and building elements’ functioning. As a result it eliminates any potential risk of breakdown and saves time and resources. We document all of our inspections using  an Ultra HD 4K resolution camera and the highest quality FLIR brand thermal imaging cameras.