Thanks to versatile aspect of using drone, we create for You solutions adjusted to Your needs.

With our service and technology we provide You necessary information to make right and accurate decisions.

We are making videos of people, happenings, muster, march and other events as an answer to sectors of movie production, television as well as private occasions. In close cooperation with our clients’ engineers, we collect technical information about bridges, chimneys, buildings, industrial towers, oil rigs, wind farms and other industrial objects. We keep firefigters and policemen informed by monitoring chosen area from the air to make sure they have as many information as it is possible to perform rescue in the most safe and quick way. In addition, we can monitor monuments, forestry objects and security sectors as well as helping with environmental protection.

We are in every place, where traditional inspections are dangerous for human or generate unneeded costs for the company!

We are in every place, where human work is connected with any kind of danger, other types of aircrafts can not reach or its’ using provide unreasonable costs. We create solutions as an anwer to Your needs, always keeping in mind to do it effectively, efficiently and wisely! If You have your own idea how to use our equipment – contact with us! It will be pleasure for us to stay in touch with You to discuss situation and meet Your requirements.

We create technical solutions as the needs of any destination You choose.

You are welcome to contact us !