Why scanning sonar MS-1000?

Its simplicity and functionality enables its usage with all kinds of underwater operations.  All the gathered information achieved by its use may serve the realization of many objectives related to reinforcement of efficiency and safety of human activity in  aquatic environments. The sonar’s operator is aware of the device’s abilities and knows the rules of its proper use. Having a scanning submerged sonar at his disposal he uses the most precise and adaptable tool for date acquisition  which are crucial in all kinds of underwater and hydrographic studies.


Advantages of MS-1000:

  • High frequency range 675 kHz,
  • Acoustic beam width of 0.9 x 30,
  • Adjustable scanning speed pitch,
  • Scanning of 360′ or any other angle,
  • Cooperates with any NMEA GPS device,
  • Built-in compass head.

ROV inspection disadvantages:

  • Maximum depth – 200m.

MS 1000 sonar characteristics make it possible to create a mosaic of vertical underwater structures such as quays, bridges’ pillars, etc. The main advantage of using the sonar in this version is the inspection of constructions eliminating the diver’s work.