rov falcon
Underwater ROV inspections  not only saves time and money but most of all it means SAFETY.

Minimizing the human inspectors’ involvement, these vehicles have proven the validity of their use many times.
Our qualified ROV/UAV pilots have valid operating licenses (Commercial Oilfield ROV Pilot Technician, BOSIET and Offshore Medical, Commercial UAV Pilot) which allow them to stay on oil platforms everywhere in the world. During our underwater operations we use a quite small ROV  Saab  Seaye  Falcon equipped with a high quality sonar MS1000. It is easy to operate which makes it a perfect device for underwater construction inspection offshore and onshore (seas, rivers, lakes).

Features of the inspection:

  • Onshore/offshore construction inspection throughout Europe,
  • Inspection with the use of optical camera and MS1000 sonar,
  • Recording the video material from the conducted inspection for further analysis,
  • Image analysis conducted by a trained team of engineers,
  • Option of supporting onshore/offshore construction inspection from the level of the aerial UAVs,
  • Full professional pilots’ team trained to work on the onshore/offshore constructions,
  • In case of emergency, thanks to our fleet of planes and helicopters we are able to get to any location in Europe within a few hours.

ROV inspection  advantages:

  • Safety – Optical camera and a sonar up close images with no divers’ presence underwater ,
  • Time saving – The system’s mobility and its ability to rapidly analyse gathered data reduces the time of defect detection and repair to a minimum,
  • Cost saving – ROV inspection doesn’t involve divers’ participation and the inspection is carried out by 2-3 people,
  • High productivity– Low costs and short time of taking photos make for the most effective way of the onshore/offshore construction inspection.
  • High quality inspection– our trained pilots prepare a complete report of the executed inspection. Together with our engineers’ knowledge, we can rapidly localize and diagnose the problem.