Aerial Photography

Before the appearance of drones the only way of taking aerial shots was hiring a huge crane or aerial photography from a balloon or a helicopter. These solutions were neither cheap nor mobile. None of these have the potential of a drone equipped with a remotely operated video camera. Using drones for this particular purpose enables following of the events from an unusual perspective. Aerial video and photography of this kind creates spectacular shots especially of the inaccessible places which traditional aircrafts (planes, helicopters, powered hang gliders) cannot reach for various reasons (rules, safety). The opportunity of the HD quality live video broadcast transmitted from the cameras installed onto the unmanned vehicles which support concerts, festivals, sport events or monitor natural disasters brings unprecedented possibilities for television and events’ filming crews. Our staff consists of professional pilots who are very knowledgeable of and follow air law rules and our activities don’t jeopardize the safety of the third parties. Bird’s eye view photographs are still very rare and appreciated by clients.

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Why choose us?
● Event filming throughout Europe,
● UltraHD 4K video image quality with live video feed,,
● Full HD image transfer in real time,
● Recording the video material for further edition,
● Additional security in case of flying over people
● Option of using a helium-filled balloon to assure filming consistency for a long time,
● In case of emergency, thanks to our fleet of planes and helicopters we are able to get to any
location in Europe within a few hours.