Building site monitoring

monitoring placu budowy
The dynamics of construction sector development shows how many new, complicated technologies are being used.With our drones we can offer you not only monitoring of inaccessible places but most of all comfort and safety during the control of the ongoing works where human’s presence significantly increases the risk of injury and generates the operative costs. Our vehicles (ROV/UAV) transmit live video from the ongoing inspection to the ground pilot who cooperates with your staff and together they are able to access all the potential deficiencies and malfunctions of specific industrial and construction elements which eliminate the possibility of defects, saves time and reduce costs.

Why choose us?

  • Construction site’s monitoring throughout Europe,
  • UltraHD 4K video image quality with live video feed,,
  • Option of using a helium-filled balloon to assure the monitoring consistency for a long time,
  • Recording the video material from the conducted inspection for further analysis,
  • Additional security in case of flying over people,
  • In case of emergency, thanks to our fleet of planes and helicopters we are able to get to any location in Europe within a few hours.

 Drone monitoring advantages:

  • Safety – Advanced security systems preventing the drone’s falling down on people,
  • Cost saving – Drone inspection is cheaper than using a helicopter while also maintaining the same image quality,
  • High mobility – Monitoring of the construction sites using drones offers many more opportunities in opposition to helicopter or crane monitoring,
  • High quality monitoring– our trained pilots are able to fly into inaccessible places extending the monitoring area.

 Drone monitoring disadvantages:

  • Short flying time – short flying time due to low battery durability requires coming back to the starting point every 15-25 minutes. However, we have a lot of batteries as well as a mobile recharging station to ensure the consistency of the monitoring. In case of any stationary events we are able to use our helium-filled balloon to keep our drone in the air even for couple of hours.
  • Weather restrictions – considering relatively low weight of the drone and considerable amount of electronic elements we must not fly when the wind’s speed exceeds 18 m/s, when it’s raining or snowing.