Promotional materials for the city / region

Videos made from a drone is the most effective way to promote cities, aglometarion or other area!!!

Aerial video make tourists or potential investors able to get virtual sightseeing city and locations around it. Furthermore, it is well known fact, that videos made of that incredible prospect gives us a chance of a lifetime to catch a character and atmosphere of town and suburbs, what is not possible with traditional promotion movies. Our drones are able to take pictures from up to 1000 meters above the ground! Thanks to advanced system of stabilization we can receive much better view instead of shots made by plane or helicopters with extremely lower price.

What is more, our company is offering professional montage of videos, what repeatedly make us able to prove why using our drones is the best way for using it to reach your marketing goal. Connection between our professionalism and Your needs can bring wonderful result as ready, fully montaged movie. Not that long ago, the only way to do that kind of photos, was renting a huge crane or taking pictures from a baloon or full-dimension helicopter. However, it was not cheap, neighter mobile or easy to do. None of these solutions have as huge potential as useing camera placed on remotely controlled drone.

This way of useing drone is making us able to see, follow and take part of events or happenings from extraoridinary prospect.

Screening and making photos from the air with useing drone, gives us incredible kind of shots from unavailable for many reasons places (law regulations, safety) and in addition where traditional aircrafts like motor hang-gliders, planes or halicopters simply can’t reach. Our Staff is made of professional pilots, so we can ensure, that we know and follow air law without creating dangerous situtation for people on the ground. Aerial photos are still really rare and surprising for clients, so they are usually into that kind of photos which surely make immeasurable impression.