Power line/cable inspections

It is necessary for power companies to watch over its power lines to ensure their safe and economical work. Power lines malfunction may be cost generating and could tarnish the company’s image.

Traditional forms of power line inspection using helicopters is expensive and inaccurate. Due to marovdroneny limitations, a helicopter cannot conduct a precise object testing. Drones have unlimited mobility and are able to perform measurement at various angles from close-up which is a vital point in terms of thermal testing. Our thermal camera, Oktokopter, is able to detect, amongst others, corrosion, consumption and breakage of electrical wires as well as it can identify vegetation growing too close to industrial lines.

Time and safety are the key features here which make drones very attractive in terms of reducing costs and accuracy  of conducting work. Using our drones allows for faster defects’ detection and a well- functioning high voltage power line reduces operating costs and improves safety.

Why choose us?

  • High voltage power lines and poles inspection throughout Europe,
  • UltraHD 4K video image quality with live video feed,,
  • Highest quality FLIR brand thermal camera images,
  • Recording the video material from the conducted inspection for further analysis,
  • Image analysis conducted by a trained team of engineers,
  • Full professional pilots’ team trained in the area of safety on location,
  • In case of emergency, thanks to our fleet of planes and helicopters we are able to get to any location in Europe within a few hours.

Drone inspection advantages:

  • Safety – UltraHD 4K quality up close image without a man’s presence onto the high voltage power lines or poles,
  • Cost saving –Drone inspection is cheaper than using a helicopter while also maintaining the same image quality,
  • Time saving – The system’s mobility and its ability to rapidly analyse gathered data reduces the time of defect detection and repair to a minimum,
  • High productivity– Low costs and short time of taking photos make for the most effective way of high voltage power lines and poles inspection,
  • High quality inspection– our trained pilots are able to fly very close to the inspected object. Together with our engineers’ knowledge we are able to rapidly locate and diagnose even a thermal related problem.
  • The best thermal imaging equipment – using highest quality thermal imaging cameras we are able to detect, among others, corrosion, consumption and breakage of electrical wires.

Drone inspection disadvantages:

  • Short flying time – short flying time due to low battery durability requires coming back to the starting point every 15-25 minutes. However, we have a lot of batteries as well as a mobile recharging station to ensure the consistency of inspections,
  • Weather restrictions – considering relatively low weight of the drone and considerable amount of electronic elements we must not fly when the wind’s speed exceeds 18 m/s, when it’s raining or snowing.